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Yesterday the mom of a friend was diagnosed with lymphoma. We talked on the phone, trying to make sense of the shock that she was experiencing. It became quickly apparent that life was going to change significantly for their family. So much that is yet to come lies in the unknown.

Somehow I could not bring myself to say anything but, “I am so sorry”, over & over. No platitudes about God. I just couldn’t. Yet so many questions began going through my thoughts. And I became challenged. Challenged in my faith. Challenged by what I KNOW in the depths of my heart to be true, that….

“You are good, & what you do is good.” Psalm 119:68

As I continued to think about all this & pray for my friend & her family, a familiar portion of Scripture came to my mind. As I read it, my challenges were about to increase. Let me share…

“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

 Funny to read this as I just finished reading a book on finding God’s will & here it pointedly tells us that THIS IS God’s will for each of us. Seeing as this is His will for me, for us, He will enable me, us, to do just this very thing. There are 3 instructions given. The tense that it is written in implies that these are to be continuous & reoccurring in our lives, that these actions should consistently characterize our lives. (New American Commentary).

Today I am challenged to ask myself:

  • Am I joyful today? Always?
  • Am I praying today? Continually?
  • Am I giving thanks in all circumstances? Even the hard ones?

We can do this as it is His will for us!!! May we find that we are more aware of joy today, that we are praying more today & that we are giving Him thanks today.

No matter what the day brings our way.