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Being a FT Mimi is an interesting thing. Often in the course of my day, I am reminded of the things I did as a young mom. Today for instance, brought back to my remembrance what I will call, “The Telephone Phenomenon”.

Webster’s dictionary defines “phenomenon” as, & I quote, “any observable fact or event that can be scientifically described; anything very unusual”. Now since I really do not think there is any way that what I am going to share can be scientifically described or explained, I will settle with the fact that it is an unusual phenomenon that is probably most usual for anyone with kids! Let me explain…

This morning Sophia was playing all by herself & the phone rang. She could have continued to play nicely but NOOOOO, something kicks in for a child when their mom, or Mimi, is on the phone. So what does she do? She asks me if she could have the box of cat food. And what do I do? I I GIVE IT TO HER!!! Not for a second did I question what she possibly would want it for or what was she going to do with it. Not for one second! She proceeds to take the box of cat food, my coffee scoop & a clean bowl & sits on the top of the coffee table in the family room. She begins to pour the box of food into the bowl (yes, the entire box & no, it did not fit so it was all over the top of the table) & uses the coffee scoop to do what, I have no idea. But I let her!!! Because it means a few minutes of engaging conversation with a friend. What is it that happens to us when that phone rings, & we want to talk to a friend, that we would let a toddler do things we NEVER would ordinarily let them do!!! Seriously!!! Now if there is any doubt in any one’s mind what this resulted in, YES!!!, I did take a picture as it was not pretty when it was all said & done!!!

As I laughed on the phone with my friend discussing this phenomenon & asking, “Why do we let them do it?”, these thoughts came to me….

How many times have I done something that seemed like a good idea only to find out later, it wasn’t?

How many times have I done something that I ordinarily would never have done?

How many times have I given in for a few minutes of gain?

May I remember that “The heart is deceitful above all things….” Jeremiah 17:9. My heart will lie to me. Left to myself, I may think something is a good idea when it is not. I may think I should do something, when I should not. I may crave something that is not God’s best for me. But, thankfully, I have not been left to myself.

His Word is a lamp unto my feet.

His Spirit guides me.

Both His Word & His Spirit can align my desires up with His will.

My prayer this afternoon?  “I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” Psalm 40:8

I’ve got to go now, the phone is ringing  :))