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Today is Mother’s Day. “Mother’s Day”. How did it come to be?

Julia Ward Howe who wrote the words to the Battle Hymn of the Republic, suggested the idea of an International Mother’s day to celebrate peace and motherhood in 1872. Anna Jarvis continued to work on getting the day memorialized even after her mother died. The first official Mother’s Day celebration was held at Andrew’s Methodist Church on May 10, 1908. In 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared that Mother’s Day should be celebrated as a national holiday on the second Sunday in May. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, just not on the same day. While all that is nice to know, it is not what I want to say today.

What can I say about my mom that would truly do her justice? There are NO words to adequately describe the woman that she is. Being a mom myself, I realize what a hard job she had & truly what a great job she did. We have heard it said so many times that a woman sets the tone in her home. And mom did. Our home was always the place we knew we were loved, we learned to love God & learned, more importantly, that He loved us. It is where we lived life & laughed hard. It is where we learned that we never go to bed without our dessert (a most important lesson still being carried on!!!). Mom, a small woman with a feisty spirit (so grateful for that in her!!) taught me to be strong & to fight the spiritual battles I would experience. Thankfully, she has been there for me through each one.

She not only is a great mom but she is a GREAT grandmother. Her grandchildren love her deeply. And we have the blessed experience of watching her be “Manga”(great-grandmother) to Sophia, who loves her & wants to be with her all the time. Mom has influenced 3 generations of this family!!!!

In many ways, my mom is not the Proverbs 31 woman. She never selected “flax & wool”, she never “grasped the spindle with her fingers”, she never planted a field. For that, I am glad as it took the pressure off of me, lol. BUT she did work hard all her life, she brought dad good & not harm (always), dad has full confidence in her as do all of us, she is clothed with strength & dignity, and she speaks wisdom. So today, mom, THIS child will…

“arise & call you blessed”. More so, I honor you & love you more than I can ever say. Thank you for being who you are & for being MY MOM!!!!