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Memorial Day.

A day for a barbeque, family, being outdoors & learning a profound lesson.

Our family was enjoying the beautiful weather. Our stomachs were full. Good conversation. Let me sneak you in on an interaction that I watched between Sophia & Danny, her “Poppy”, as she was playing with the toys in her water table. 

Sophia: “Poppy, can you put your foots up here for a minute?”

Danny complies, takes off his boat shoe & rests his foot on the top of the water table.

Sophia begins pouring water from a bucket onto his feet. With her other hand, she begins to rub the sole of his foot, then the top of his foot. It is when she begins to go between his toes that I exclaim to Danny, “Don’t let her do that! That is gross!”

Sophia: “No! I need to wash Poppy’s dirty foots like the man.”

Me: “What man?”.

Sophia: “Jesus. He washed the mans foots because they were dirty. I am like Jesus.”


Having worked in her Kids Connection Class for 2 weeks, I quickly realized that Sophia had indeed absorbed her story time into her little heart & mind. Amidst the children getting up & down, moving the chairs in circle time, falling off their chairs in circle time, playing with a toy in their hands, looking all around – Sophia, and probably the others as well, had learned about Jesus. Had learned about humility. Had learned about being a servant.

Profound silence as we watched her do that simple task. I never even thought to run & grab my camera until last night when I once again thought back on this. None of us thought to even move. This morning I realized, if none of us thought to move at that moment, can we even conceive of what the disciples felt at that moment when Christ began to wash their feet? What did it feel like to have the King of heaven wash their feet? Could they even begin to realize the impact it would have for all time? The impact it would have on a Memorial Day in the year 2011?

“So he got up from the table, took off his robe, wrapped a towel around his waist and poured water into a basin. Then he began to wash the disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel he had around him.”  (John 13: 4,5). 

This post is dedicated to Terri Lee & every other teacher in Kids Connection. KNOW that you are depositing into the lives of the children much more than you could ever realize!! May you be blessed today for all you do each week!