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Every once in a while, I get a glimpse of how fast the years are going by. NO! It is not because I am looking in the mirror, lol, although that would surely be a tell tale sign as well. It is for a different reason.


Who would have ever expected this day to come as quick as it did??? Surely not I. The day that I held her that very first time, time seemed to have stood still. I know that it didn’t, but it should have!!! The years have gone by so quick, too quick.

And sure the questions will always be there:

Did I love on her enough?

Did I make the right decisions for her?

Did we laugh enough? We sure laughed & laughed hard but was it enough?

Did I teach her all that I should about God, about His Word?

Questions, they will always be there.

In getting ready to celebrate her birthday today & thinking on all this, I realized how fleeting life is. Funny word – fleeting – we don’t use it often anymore. But Scripture does. David prayed:

“Show me, O Lord, my life’s end & the number of my days; let me know how fleeting is my life.”  (Psalm 39:4 NIV).

Again David wrote:

“Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.”  (Psalm 144:4 NIV).

I think David well knew how I am feeling today 🙂 Perhaps we each will feel this way at different points in life. It means that life is passing, it is flying, it is brief. What a paradox it presents to us in that each day can feel as if it is passing slowing yet the accumulation of days (years) pass quickly. Go figure!

So what are we to do?

“Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”           (Psalm 90:4 NIV).

We are here for such a short time. Life can be hard & challenging at times. May we live our lives doing the hard things, facing the challenges. May we know that as we live to please Him, He is honored in & through our lives. May we live to know Him, to love Him & to serve Him. That’s what we are to do. I think Jonathan Edwards had the right view & yes, pun intended, when he wrote…

                                 “O God, stamp eternity on my eyeballs!”