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Today I went to brunch with a friend. That, in itself, was a gift. Good conversation. A few laughs. Some deep reflection. Sharing of dreams & goals. All combined made for a wonderful time spent together.

Now throw in the gift.

A friend of my friend, whom I have never met, came with my friend to take care of our home while we were on vacation. Upon watering my garden, this friend realized that I needed something to make my watering easier. Hence, see the photos below….

Where has this gadget been all my life!!!! Seriously. It made watering not only easy but delightful.The designer of this gadget is brilliant!

Before hooking it up to my hose, I knew that I had to weed & get my garden into shape. I wanted it to be perfect for the initial watering experience. The thought of using my new gadget motivated me to get out there & weed, in spite of the humidity & heat. My friends had shown me a kindness in thinking of something that would make my life easier.

God has something to say about us being kind to those in need. And let me preface this by saying, we can be in need of many things much the way that I was in need of help with my garden. My knowledge of gardening was limited & my friends broadened my ability to garden with ease.

“…blessed is he who is kind to the needy.” (Proverbs 14:21 NIV).

There is something that occurs when we are kind to others. Sure we receive the joy of helping another person. That person receives the benefit of receiving help as well. But it goes further than that.

”..whoever is kind to the needy honors God.” (Proverbs 14:31, NIV).

God is honored each & every time we are kind to the needy. God, who is in need of nothing, sees & is honored when we help others.

May we remember that our acts of kindness are so much more significant than we may realize. They may mean more to the recipient than we can even understand. They mean more to God than we will ever comprehend.

Have you honored God lately by being kind to the needy?

To my friends, Rosanne & Martha, thank you for blessing me with my new gadget. Know that you will be remembered each time that I water my garden. Know that you have honored God with your kindness.