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An interaction occurred between Sophia & I this morning.

She was busy playing by herself on the computer. Thank you!!! Seeing this, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go clean one of the bathrooms. So off I went. No sooner did I pour the Pine-Sol into the toilet when…

“Mimi, I need you!”

I go to the family room & ask her what she needed.

“I wanted to see you. Thank you!” She went back to playing. I returned back to the bathroom. No sooner did my sponge hit the toilet, when..

“Mimi, come here!”

I go to the family room. “Mimi, can I have something to eat?” I get her some strawberries. She returns to playing on the computer & I go back to the bathroom. This time I do manage to get the toilet clean. I spray the tub cleaner & hear,

“Mimi, come here. I need to tell you something.”

I go ALL the way back to the family room. OK, so it isn’t really that far but with each trip, it was surely feeling farther!

I get there & she tells me, “These are the best strawberries in the whole world. You can go back to your work now.”Are we kidding? She is now dismissing me?

After about the 5th or 6th trip to the family room, I suddenly wondered, “What is this really all about?” So, I asked…

“Lord, what is it that You are trying to show me this morning?”

It suddenly hit me…

This is a normal interaction for any woman raising young children. I had forgotten how long simply cleaning the bathroom can take with interruptions. Is it any wonder that as young moms we wonder how we will get caught up with everything?

This morning I knew that God was prompting me to pray for the young moms that I know. So this morning I prayed for:

  • those that are overwhelmed with parenting for whatever reason
  • those that may have a difficult child
  • those dealing with homework issues every afternoon
  • those that have sick little ones to care for
  • those that are in the beginning of a pregnancy & wondering how they will manage to get through till delivery
  • those that just gave birth & are juggling middle of the night feedings & taking care of other children
  • single moms returning to work
  • those dealing with children that just tire them out
  • those juggling car-pooling, sports, dinner & homework
  • those feeling, “Calgon, take me AWAY!!!”

Do you see what I mean? Moms carry quite the load. But this morning, you all were remembered & prayed for.

“Now may the Lord of peace himself give you his peace at all times and in every situation. The Lord be with you all.”  (2 Thessalonians 3:16 NLT).

It is nap time here. I think I will enjoy my tea & some time alone. Hope all of you manage to do the same!! Blessings upon each mom!!!!