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Today is a special day. This day, 54 years ago, God gave life to the man He knew I needed in my life – my husband!!!!

                                  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

There will never be words to express my love for this man. Not ever. All I do know is that the day I met you, life for me was changed. You have brought love, laughter, fun, challenges, & excitement to our family. Never a dull moment 🙂 And yes, I can hear the kids saying a big, “AMEN” to that.

I am grateful that God not only gave you life but that He brought you into my life. You are the man I love more than I ever thought I could love anyone, to the man who is my best friend, the one I want to fall asleep with every night, the one I want to share the rest of my days.