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I read an excellent blog post by Ron Edmondson this morning. The blog discussed 5 questions one can ask themselves in order to discern God’s will.

Decisions can be hard to make at times. We so want to do the right thing, the best thing for our lives. The choices can be riddled with questions. This author suggests five questions we should ask ourselves in discerning God in a situation.

While the entire post gives great guidance in discerning God’s will, this author (in my opinion) saved the best for last.

What happens in those times when we miss His will? There is not a one of us that has not made an unwise or wrong decision at some point along the way. What happens then? Is the rest of our life then lived apart from God’s will? I quote:

Here’s some good news.

I fully believe God works all things for good even when we miss His will in individual decisions. You can make a bad decision, but God retains the right to finish your story His way. Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.”

Did you catch it?

                “…God retains the right to finish your story His way.”

God’s right trumps our mistakes every time. That is the best news! Yes, He will discipline us- for our good. Yes, we may bear the consequences of our wrong decision. But He brings us back on course. He guides us back on the path which He has determined for us. He finishes writing the story. Our story.

And somehow our story fits into the grander story – His Story.

Don’t miss that good news today.