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Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long. (Psalm 25: 4-5 NIV)

In reading this week, I came across the above verse & have now been thinking on it for days. There are times in each of our lives, where we are in need of “divine guidance”. The above verses gives us excellent instruction on what we are to do during those times. David prayed that God would do three things for him:

  1. Show. He wanted God to show him His ways. The words “ways” and “paths” are synonymous for the will of God. He desired that God inform him or announce His will to him. David was praying for God to reveal to him His will. David did not assume to know what that might be. He requested that God show him. God’s will may not always be our will. Once He has shown us His will, it may require change from us. Only upon knowing and accepting His will can we then move onto…..
  2. Teach. He wanted God to teach him His paths. David was wanting that God instruct or train him in God’s ways. He understood that God is the Source of all truth. We must remain teachable throughout our lives. As we remain teachable, it is then that He is able to….
  3. Guide. He wanted God to guide him – day by day, moment by moment. David, at this point, had fully learned the full capabilities of his sinful nature. He knew he could not rely on himself. God is the only One that can lead us into His purpose & plan for our lives.

David prayed in this manner because “he knew that God’s ways are established in truth, or that which is firm & stable.” (taken from the Holman Old Testament Commentary – Psalms 1-75, page 140). It is only as God shows, teaches & guides us that we are assured of His will.

In his book, “Partners in Prayer”, John C. Maxwell states this:

When God shows me, He has my heart. When God teaches me, He has my mind. When God guides me, He has my hand.

Today may we ask God to show, teach & guide us in His ways. May we pray this for our children & grandchildren that He would show them, teach them & guide them in His ways. I have found myself humming a portion of an old & familiar hymn from my childhood, which says….

He holds my hand; Jesus holds my hand
Safely to heaven he leads the way
He is my keeper from day to day
He holds my hand; Jesus holds my hand
Though the way may be long
But my Savior is strong.
And he holds my hand.