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The other day, Lisa sold something on Craig’s List. She needed me to be at their apartment to help with getting it out to the buyer’s car. I went over a few minutes before the prospective buyer’s arrival. It wasn’t long before the first phone call was received in which the buyer informs Lisa that she is late because she is lost. Once we figured out where she was, Lisa gave her new directions. Lisa hung up with her confidant that the woman would arrive in a few minutes. Instead there was another phone call.

Again, she was lost. She had not seen any of the landmarks that Lisa had described. So this time, Lisa stayed on the line with her to give her directions as she continued to drive.

Lisa would tell her to go right.

The woman would  go left, stating that taking a right didn’t seem like it would lead anywhere.

Lisa would tell her to go straight.

The woman would respond by wanting to get back on the highway.

As frustrating as it became, Lisa & I were laughing about it all. The woman was lost. Had no idea where she was & yet would not follow directions.

After the sale was finally done & I was on my way home, I was still thinking & laughing about it all. Yet…..

How different have I been? Truly.

How many times has the Lord given me explicit instructions in His Word & I have not followed?

How many times did I go my own way as it seemed better to me than His way?

I wonder how much frustration I have caused Him because I failed to follow His directions. I was reminded of the Israelites.

They are camped at the banks of the Jordan River. After three days, they were told that they when they saw the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant, they were then to move & follow them. Simple enough. Along with the instructions, they were told the reason for these instructions:

Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before.”            (Joshua 3:4 NIV). 

And so it is with us today. Much of life is a daily unfolding of His plan for our lives. We have never gone this route before. We cannot see what is ahead. But He goes before us knowing the end from the beginning. He knows exactly where it is He is taking us. He knows how to get us there.

His role is to lead us.

Our role? To follow.

                                                       Just follow.