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Today is Mother’s Day.

We are currently a four generation family. It is truly an amazing blessing that we are experiencing at this time. I get the added blessing of being sandwiched between, in my opinion, two of the greatest moms – my mom & my daughter.

To my mom….There will never be adequate words to express all that you have meant to me over my entire life. You have been my mom & my best friend at the same time. How you managed to balance both of these so perfectly is a gift. It is a gift that you were able to be such & a gift that you bestowed on me. The love, the laughter, the tears, the anguishes, the joys of life, have all been shared. You kept me going when I thought I could not go on. You taught me to continue giving when I thought I had no more to give – by your very example. You always pointed me to Christ, by Whom all things are possible. I will forever be grateful that God chose you to be my mom.

To my daughter….There will never be words to express how overwhelmed I was to hold you. I so well remember my first middle of the night feeding at the hospital. In the stillness, alone with you, I shook with fear to think that I was now responsible for your life & I had no idea what I should be doing. None. I stand amazed at the woman, wife, mother & teacher you have become. You have far exceeded any expectation I could have had for you. And you do it all with dedication, loyalty, love & laughter. Only God. Only God could have brought that about in your life & I will forever be grateful to a God that chose me to be your mom. I have learned much from you. You taught me that mothering demands relying on God for the outcome of lives entrusted to us. You taught me that God truly does respond to our cries, although we still must clean up our own tissues! You taught me that God covers my mistakes & turns all things for good. You, too, are my best friend. Thank you for including me in the journey of your life.

So HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to the two moms that mean everything to me!!!