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Our church has been doing Rick Warren’s, “40 Days In The Word” series. In yesterday’s sermon at church, the point was made that we want to be a people of integrity. We want to be whole & not live lives that are fragmented. We do not want to have church lives, work lives, & family lives. We want to be authentic through & through. A people with a firm foundation, established on the Word of God.

I read something last night that resonated with my soul. In reading Nehemiah (now for a few months) we find that after the walls of Jerusalem had been rebuilt, and after the people had been reestablished in their towns, the people assemble. Ezra, the priest, brings out the Book of the Law of Moses & begins to read aloud to the people. (See Nehemiah 8: 1).

Kelly Minter, in her study “Nehemiah” states this:

After the people had settled in their homes, they wasted no time in getting God’s Word back into their hearing, perhaps because of the years they had gone without it. The people were deeply aware that they were to live every moment of their lives by God’s words. They didn’t have the sacred/secular divide to which we are accustomed today; they recognized that ordinary life was to be inspired & directed by the rule & reign of God. (Nehemiah, page 103).

I appreciate that the Word was brought forth yesterday. I appreciate even more that God knew that it needed to be repeated & confirmed. May this truth be seared & sealed into my heart & mind that my ordinary life, every single day, would be inspired & directed solely by the rule & reign of my God.