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In Part 3 of this series, Pastor Steve had us look at the parable of the tenants found in Luke 20: 9-18. This parable was meant to demonstrate Jesus’ rejection by Israel’s leaders. God would judge them for rejecting & murdering His Son.

Facts from this parable:

  • It was a common practice in those days for peasants to lease the right to raise crops on the land of wealthy landowners, who were often not living in the area.
  • The peasants repeatedly killed servants sent to collect some of the fruit of the vineyard for the landowner.
  • When the heir is sent, they foolishly kill him as well  believing that now they would inherit the land.
  • They fail to realize that the owner is yet alive & would demand justice.

What we can learn from this parable:

  1. The religious leaders thought that they would be able to maintain control & authority over the people of Israel by killing Jesus.
  2. Jesus & the coming of Christ is not an abandonment but a fulfillment of God’s plan.
  3. While Christ was rejected by the leaders of His day, He would become the foundation of a new kingdom, the people of God.

There is a unique connection between what you believe & what you do. Be sure that your actions confirm your beliefs.

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