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Today was Grandparents’ Day at Sophia’s school. This is the day that the kids get to bring their grandparents in for show & tell & grandparents get to see the place where their grandchildren are springing to life. What a fun morning it was for me!

The program was so special with each grade doing something to either make grandparents feel loved or to demonstrate what they were learning in school. It did not even matter if you had a child in each of the grades. You smiled & applauded for each grade & child, knowing they represented a family.

As I sat there listening, it was amazing to me the range of emotions I felt. My heart was full of love for the little girl performing with her class. More so, my heart was overwhelmed at realizing that decisions I had made in marriage, in parenting, in pursuing God had affected my family in ways that I could never have realized at the time.

We all leave a legacy. We know that. But the thing is we are living the legacy, one day at a time. Right now. It is not something that will happen. Legacy is what IS happening. At this moment. Scripture tells us this:

“Posterity will serve him; future generations will be told about the Lord. They will proclaim his righteousness to a people yet unborn – for He has done it.” (Psalm 22:30-31 NIV).

How we live & the things we do & say will have an affect on those yet unborn. May we live faithfully so that our future generations love & serve Him full out.

Thank you Elizabeth Singleton & Jenn McEachern for pouring into the life of my granddaughter with such love & excellence! This Mimi appreciates all that you do every day!

Here is a glimpse at today: