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Social media is an interesting resource. I have found that I have learned of books & people that I do not believe I would have otherwise heard of if not for social media. I am also aware that it is used for the purpose of promoting oneself, one’s books, one’s platform. I am not sure that I necessarily agree with this function but it is what it is at this point.

I have fallen for the self-promotion & bought books which disappointed me. Upon reading them, I was left wondering, “Why the hype?”.  Then there are times, like this one, that I am grateful for having heard of the book.

I found “Real” to be a much needed message to those of us who have been brought up in the church, in the faith. It was challenging & caused me to examine the ways in which we can become lukewarm, if you would, to a faith that should be vibrant & alive & contagious.

And just WHY do we want that our faith in Christ be contagious?

It’s because faith isn’t automatic. In fact, think that Moses’ urgent instructions to the parents & grandparents of Israel underscores how delicate the transfer of faith is from one generation to another. Their efforts must be intentional, acknowledging that faith is not inherited. It is born anew in each generation.

(page 23, bold mine)

Each one of us needs to make a choice for ourselves. Dan Darling goes on to explain:

No, Moses & Asaph & John all understood a powerful principle. They urged the simple teaching of faith in God from generation to generation because they knew that each individual soul must embrace the faith as his or her own.

(page 25)

The author goes on to explain the purpose of this book:

That is the purpose of my writing. I want to talk to Christians who grew up in the church – regardless of where you are on your faith journey. If you’ve stayed, if you’ve left, if you’ve abandoned God all together. I want to highlight what I believe are unique points of this struggle against the faith you know. Because I believe there is an enemy, Satan, who desires to rob you of the joy and intimacy of walking with Jesus. Since He has no hold on your eternal soul, He’ll work overtime to sow doubt & confusion into your heart, so you live a life of doubting, ineffectiveness, and despair.

(page 26)

If that describes you – doubting, ineffective, despairing, confused, unsure, or 2nd generation Christian – this book is a must read. I found the book reassuring, challenging & to be a breath of fresh air. Better yet – a breath of fresh faith.

****The book can be purchased here and no, neither Amazon nor the author asked me to put the link. I will not receive any compensation. But you will be blessed for having read the book. I know that I was & will not only do so again but will be sharing my copy.