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There are times that God shows up in the small things.

And there are times that God shows up in the big things.

But what happens when God shows up BIG in the SMALL things?

Seriously. This is what happens…….


A Woman’s

A potluck dinner. An intimate group of ten ladies. Ten ladies. One cause – the unborn. One ministry – A Woman’s Concern, a pregnancy crisis center. One speaker – Teresa Larkin.

  • We learned. We heard about the ministry of the centers. A more than ever needed ministry. Although I truly think a better description would be “battlefield”. A Woman’s Concern is a battlefield. The battle is fought there for the unborn. For life. For families. For the dignity of women. For salvation. For freedom from shame, from pain, from bad choices. Yes, Teresa & each that co-labor with her, enter a battlefield every day as they counsel & pray with clients, the women, weighing the balance of the life that they carry within them.
  • We worshiped. With our hearts & minds now full & burdened, we worshiped our God in simple & sincere worship. We recognized that He alone is the One worthy of our praise as He is the Only One that can move hearts & change minds to make right choices. We worshiped Him, Who alone, can change us so that our hearts are broken by the things that break His heart.
  • We gave. To see the overwhelming generosity of the few towards this ministry was unbelievable. How does that happen? It was as if God came & multiplied what was brought! Even more amazing was to see how God met an UNSTATED need. Bags & bags of maternity clothes were brought last night by one woman. As I helped Teresa carry those bags out to her car, she shared with me that the center at this time had NO, NONE, NADA maternity clothes. It was with sheer anticipation that I replied, “Do you know what that means? It means that God knew, HE KNEW, that there is going to be a great influx of women, who decide to keep their babies, coming into the centers!!!” Her reply? “May it be so, Lord!”

This morning I am reminded of this Scripture:

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.” (Zechariah 4:10 NLT).

What happens when God shows up BIG in the SMALL things? I will tell you….


By the way, we also ate some terrific food, had great conversation, laughed – a lot, cried – after all, we are women, & enjoyed wonderful desserts.