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The year is winding down. Christmas has passed. New Year’s is coming. It is only natural to reflect on 2012 & to anticipate 2013. I looked back to see the resolutions I had made for 2012.

Did I keep them?

How would I wind up the year?

I mean, seriously, what is the point to New Year’s Resolutions if we are not going to keep them? Instead of calling them “resolutions” perhaps we need to think of them as goals. Something we are trying to accomplish or aspire to.

This past year, I did something entirely different. I only made one resolution. I had figured if I could not keep all my resolutions perhaps I could keep one. One should be easier. And it was. I discovered in 2012, success in the one was good for generally what occurs is as soon as you break one, discouragement sets in & you break them all.

So for 2013, I have decided, I am again going to make just one resolution…….

“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”(Psalms 119:18 NLT).

I want to be awestruck by the truth in God’s Word. It is only as God enables me to see His truth that I will be able to effectively apply it to my life. As I read a small portion of Psalm 119, this is what jumped out at me:

  • His Word will encourage me (v. 28)
  • His Word will keep me from lying to myself (v. 29). Think about that one for a second. We are self-deceiving people apart from the application of God’s Word.
  • It is a privilege to know the instructions of God (v. 29)
  • If we are going to be faithful to Him in 2013, it will be because we deliberately have chosen to be so. It will not happen by accident. (v.30)
  • We must cling to His Word, hold onto it with all our might (v. 31)
  • If we will pursue His commands, He will expand our understanding (v.32)

As the year is winding down & we are looking with anticipation to a new year, a fresh start, may I encourage you to start with The One.