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Did you smell it this morning?

It was kind of like that new car smell. Or perhaps it was like when you light a new Yankee Candle for the first time. Or it could have been like a new bottle of perfume. Then it could have been like breathing in the sweetness of a baby’s head.

You know the smell well……the smell of something new. Something fresh.

The smell of a brand new year.


No matter what 2012 held for you – good, bad, sad, happy, funny, serious, a failure or a success – it is done. It is behind us.

But now 2013 lies before each of us. Breathe it in – the smell of a new year. A beginning. A new start. Let today be the first day of experiencing life anew. Let change begin.

  • Break an old habit.
  • Form a new habit.
  • Read Scripture more
  • Pray often
  • Seek Him above all else
  • Forgive
  • Love
  • Laugh
  • Encourage others
  • Be kind

The year 2013 is before us like a clean slate. We face uncharted territory. May we find ourselves like the Israelites waiting to cross the Jordan River. God knew the people would feel apprehensive crossing. He understood that, at times, the unknown can be frightening. So He instructs the people to watch the priests & when they move with the Ark of Covenant, follow them. I absolutely LOVE the reasoning God gives them. It actually is one of my favorite verses in all the Bible….

“Then you will know which way to go, since you have never been this way before. (Joshua 3:4 NIV).

And that is us with the new year before us. We have never been this way before. But if we keep our eyes on Him, our hearts in tuned with His & follow His lead, well…..

there is no telling what the new year will hold for us!

So take a deep breath. Did you smell it?

It is the smell of hope.

Hope for ALL that will unfold in the next twelve months. May God be with us all & bless each of us as we pursue Him & His ways.