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Bring Me the sacrifice of your time, and watch to see how abundantly I bless you & your loved ones.

Jesus Calling, January 25th

This one sentence has made me pause this morning. I wonder how often in life I have gotten this backwards….wanting the blessing without the sacrifice. There have been times in my life, if I were to be honest, that I neglected:

  • Bible reading
  • prayer
  • attending church
  • being aware of God

It did not keep me from still desiring God’s blessing. I lived putting the proverbial “cart before the horse”. And I probably had the audacity to complain that He was not blessing me!

Yet it is the sacrifice that He desires. The effort. And it is not only me that He blesses but my loved ones. My sacrifice bears far reaching affect. These thoughts brought to mind my praying grandparents.

Having grown up in the Bronx, in an apartment building that housed much family, apartment doors were left unlocked so we could come & go easily. There were many times, upon entering my grandparents’ apartment that I would walk in on one of them – praying. Gram would be kneeling in her kitchen, hands on the seat of a chair. Her lips would be moving, sometimes tears streaming. Gramps on the other hand chose the living room. He would kneel by the couch near the window as he enjoyed the sunlight & the breeze. We knew better than to interrupt. We would wait quietly as kids. But their prayers were not shortened. I am not even sure they would know us kids were present & so we would quietly slip out to return later.

Today I am convinced that their prayers have had effect on my life & family. May I be willing to stay in His Presence, sacrifice time, so that He is the One guiding my life each day.

It. is. then. that. the. blessing. comes.