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It is 9AM.

Once again, I am reminded of the stress & pressures young moms live under on a daily basis. Once again, I find myself filled with admiration for all they do. Some are stay at home moms. Some work full time. But they all do what they must to make life work.

I fell asleep last night, praying about all that I needed to get done. OK, I will admit, there was some anxiety mixed in which is what drove me to pray about it all.

I watch my two granddaughters all day (7:30AM-4PM). I had a potluck dinner that night & needed to cook my dish to bring. Plus whatever else the day would bring along.

So at 9AM, as I lay Jocelyn down asleep for her morning nap, I realized the macaroni & cheese was made, all the pots & pans washed & the morning had gone smoothly………

My heart filled with gratitude that it was all done, both girls were happy & I could breathe a sigh of relief.

“It was the prayer. It was the prayer.”

The night before I had committed to Him all that needed to get done. I had fallen asleep praying about it. OK, I probably should have stayed awake but I still relinquished my duties & my anxieties to Him. And He had stepped in & undertaken it all. Why did that surprise me? After all, His Word promises me….

The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives.

Psalm 37:23 NLT

He had simply done for me exactly what He promises to do. But I had to commit it all to Him in prayer first.


Funny, but just a few verses earlier, in that same Psalm, I found written:

Commit your way to the LORD.” (verse 5)

Could it be that there is more to committing something to the Lord than I had ever before realized?

Commit, according to the Old Testament Lexical Aids, denotes “to roll, to turn, to drive away, to be rolled upon, to be rolled (in blood).

How had I missed this?

It is when I take that which is burdening me, that which is too heavy for me to carry on my own, that which stresses me, the pressures, the responsibilities, the unknown…..

and roll it onto the shoulders of The One that CAN carry it for me that I find release. It is only as my day is rolled in the blood of The One who gave His life for me that I can live each day successfully.

Funny, I have been searching for my one word for this year. I have found it. A month late 🙂 but probably right on time.


May I be faithful this coming year to commit to Him all the details of my life so that He can direct & order my days.