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Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform my civic duty. Yes, I was called to jury duty. I will admit, I did not go with a very good attitude at all as I do not find that to be a comfortable situation. And who of us does not look to avoid discomfort!

My number was called & I became part of the jury pool for a particular case. Each of us was called, individually, to the Judge’s bench to be “interviewed” for jury selection. I will try & find a picture to give you an idea of what it was like.

The Judge’s bench sits high so in being interviewed, the prospective juror actually has to look up to him. The prosecutors & defense attorneys stand behind & off to the side, listening & taking notes so they all can decide whether or not to admit the individual as a juror in their case. Watching from my seat in the general seating, I felt myself getting tense & intimidated by the process.

Then it was my turn….##23 (yes that is a picture of my actual card).



I stood, looking up at the Judge & responding to his questions. Funny thing was  – I felt no fear or intimidation. At one point, I remember thinking he had such kind eyes. This experience has been something I have found myself thinking about repeatedly since.

I had no reason to fear as I had done nothing wrong. My slate was clean, so to speak.

So it is on that day when I will stand before my God. He has set the day that we will all appear before Him. And I have no fear of that day.

“But perfect love drives out all fear.” (1 John 4:18 NIV)

I know that I am loved by God, forgiven & when I stand before Him, He will only see the righteousness of Christ, Who gave His life for me.

I know that He rules the courtroom, protecting His own. The accusations that may be hurled in my direction are immediately rebutted by my Defense Attorney, Christ, Whose response is, “I died for that one.”

I continue to be amazed that from an experience I so dreaded, God has brought such assurance & peace.