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I have never been on a missions trip. Each of my children have gone on several. My son has gone to Romania. While I have had the privilege of traveling out of the United States, it has never been for missions.

I have spent much of my adult life raising my own children and taking care of countless other children. My own dreams sort of took a back seat for years. And I was OK with that. I truly was.

A few years ago, I started a blog. Interestingly enough, I found more than just an outlet for my thoughts.

I found community.

A community of people and causes that began to matter to me.

And it was in this community that God began to stir in me to do something. To do more. To do things that would matter.

So today I am going to The Mercy House in Kenya.

-j0M3PAJVglSTw1dly7UeAYGwte3xomZXkKEMjwsP8AIt is a virtual trip to a very real place and to real people. People that matter to Him.

Today I am joining (in)courage and a community of bloggers as they celebrate four years of ministry. It amazes me that sitting here in my home, at my computer, I can be a part of a larger project on another continent.

For this season, (in)courage will be partnering with Pure Charity in a 5-phase project to supply Mercy House in Kenya with a few gifts. It is the way (in)courage would like to celebrate their birthday – they want to give gifts instead of receive them. Mercy House works with teen moms and their babies and seeks to improve their lives in various ways.

The projects will have five phases in total:

Phase 1 – to raise funds for a new van

Phase 2 – to raise funds for a new classroom

Phase 3 – to raise funds for a new generator

Phase 4 – to raise funds for a computer lab

Phase 5 – to raise funds to open a second Mercy House

In the coming months, I will be sharing from time to time on these various projects. You will also find out which phase I am involved.  I am praying that you will want to be a part and help these moms and their children:

MHK-SecondHome-1(Photo courtesy of Bess Brownlee)

The goal is to raise $74,000 by Christmas. Can you think of any greater gift to give? You can donate to this wonderful project here .