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The Baker Compact Dictionary of Biblical Studies by Tremper Longman III & Mark L. Strauss an informative read and a great resource for anyone serious about Bible Study.

This is a dictionary with varied entries which will give depth to historical and cultural meanings hidden in Scripture. Written to be helpful to pastors, scholars, and laypeople, I found it easy to comprehend. This is a resource to keep handy as it covers so many topics.

It has been written by well respected scholars so the information can be trusted and valued. Entries include topics that are historical, archeological, grammatical, and biographical in nature.

An example of one entry is “proverb”:

“A brief (usually a bicolon) observation, admonition, or prohibition. Proverbs are true when applied at the right time. They do not guarantee results but inform a person of the best route to a desired conclusion. In the Bible, the largest collection of proverbs is found in the book of Proverbs (particularly chaps. 10-31).”

(from page 160)

This is a valuable resource for all and one to add to your shelf as it will enhance your studies.


** I was provided a copy of this book by Baker Books Bloggers in exchange for my honest review.

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