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This week we will celebrate Valentine’s Day ”“ a day when it is traditional to send a card or give a gift to the people one loves. I read a study which stated that the average person will spend $146.84 with an expected total of $19.7 billion. Can we even imagine all the chocolate, roses, jewelry, and cards purchased every year?

The chocolate will be eaten, the flowers will fade and get thrown away eventually, and the cards may or may not get saved for years.

As in last Monday, the question arises: How are we to love?

“God doesn’t want us to just study Him like He’s an academic project. He wants us to become love.” (Bob Goff, Everybody Always, prologue)

Come join me at W2W Ministries for the rest of this post and let’s make the love of Jesus recognizable to the world around us.


Photo by Will O on Unsplash
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