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We know we desperately need God’s power to live each day, but who knew how great or need for Him would be to simply live at home?

This was the question Psalm 121 brought to mind in reading the familiar words. The morning is a dark, raw, and rainy one. It fit the current week of grim statistics and news.

The psalm reminds me of these travelers, God’s people, who made the trip to Jerusalem three times a year. The journey was not an easy one as there were no smoothly paved roads along the path which took them through valleys, through mountains and other rough terrain.

Yet they found strength in the Lord Himself to keep returning to Him. So what can we learn from these travelers to help us navigate these days in which we now find ourselves?


I hope you will join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE where I’ll be sharing three truths we need to remember during these trying days.


Photo by Luke Richardson on Unsplash
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