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A few days of reading in the Psalms brings the reminder we can rest in His promises because He knows entirely. And He knows us entirely.

Entirely, according to means, “wholly or fully; completely or unreservedly; solely or exclusively; totally, thoroughly”. In other words, there is not a single thing He does not know about each one of us.

We can easily forget His pursuit of us, the value of our tears, His love for us, and the way in which God comes alongside of us in the battles of life.


What are some of the promises we find in the Psalms to remind us of the way we are known both intimately and entirely by our God? I hope you will join me at Woman to Woman Ministries HERE as we look at a few verses from the psalms to fill us with encouragement and assurance for the week ahead. We are seen and known deeply by our heavenly Father.


Photo by BeQa shavidze on Unsplash
Today I may be joining … Inspire Me Monday and Remember Me Monday .