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Recently I spent some quality time with Lisa & Sophia & Jocelyn. A few hours & the question, “Is this normal?” was raised several times. And so, I want to take this time & answer the question:
“Is THIS normal?”

  • to share only on one’s own conditions
  • to imitate the crying of a younger sibling
  • to make oneself burp at the table in a restaurant
  • to imitate the spitting up of their younger sibling. OK, so this truly did look more like vomiting all over the table!!!
  • to LOUDLY announce in a restaurant that they need to go do meatballs. Yes, only Italians would describe needing to go to the bathroom in this manner, lolol! But I am sure you get the picture!!!
  • to take off one’s shoes in the car seat even AFTER being told to keep them on
  • to point out peculiarities of people

Let me assure moms everywhere, YES!!! it is all normal. I apologize for laughing at much of this behavior. But then I guess, I remembered that, yeah, you weren’t the perfect child either. And know what? Neither was I. Nor any of us. Thankfully, we outgrow it. Hopefully :)  Wise Solomon did observe that “there is nothing new under the sun”.

Let’s take the pressure off one another. Let us give our kids room to breathe & “be normal”. And women, let us pray for one another. Motherhood, no matter how it looks for each of us, is a challenging & daunting task.

So here’s to all moms – Keep it up! One day, you will be glad you did!