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images-1I recently read, Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet by John Currid.

The book is woven with quotes & stories from many great men & women of the faith which drive home each point with depth of meaning. Dr. Currid has written a commentary that brings clarity to the Hebrew customs of that day. He defines Hebrew words & gives the transliterations in such a way to bring the reader clarity & understanding.

This is a commentary that also brings a wealth of practical insight. He tackles the issues of the importance of names; adversity & our responses; family relationships; the providence of God; & God’s redemptive plan for man. Dr. Currid does so while weaving the greater story of God’s plan throughout the story of Ruth. He closes this beautiful book with this:

All believers serve a greater purpose than merely what goes on in their immediate lives. Christians are part of a greater scheme of God’s unfolding plan and purpose for his church. And so, let us not think and ponder only of the here and now, and let us not only act for the present, but may we have eyes of eternity and live according to eternal realities!

This book is written in such an engaging way that it is a hard book to put down once started. It is a book that will stir your heart & mind. I look forward to reading others written by Dr. Currid.