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9781936341481_p0_v1_s260x420 In the Shadow of Sinai by Carole Towriss, the author transports the reader not only back in time but also back to ancient Egypt. The biblical account of the Exodus is told through the fictional character of Bezalel, a Hebrew Egyptian slave & Meri, a young & beautiful woman from Ramses’ concubine.

The author weaves the account of the plagues, bringing each one to life. I understood each event like I have truly never experienced before because it was told with depth of description & could be felt.

Hebrew customs & terms are brought into the story & are beautifully explained. The richness of Hebrew family relationships is felt & experienced as Bezalel interacts with his family.

This is a book of intrigue, suspense & romance. It is a book that brings to life a familiar Bible story in a new & poignant way. Through Bezalel’s struggles with his own trust in God, we learn to trust Him fully even when we cannot understand His ways.

El Shaddai had promised He would protect His people, and He had. In fact, Bezalel could not think of a single promise Shaddai had made He had not kept. Perhaps He had not done things as fast or in the way Bezalel might have liked, but He kept His word.

Is there any reason to think He will not deliver on all His promises?

(page 125)

This is a beautiful novel of hope & deliverance. Carole Towriss has produced a very special first novel. I look forward to reading more from what is bound to be a favorite author of mine!

**I received this book for free from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for writing this review. However, it was a GREAT treat to receive a a note from the author, thanking me for taking the time to read & review her book. This was a special book from the start!