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SufferingWellI just finished reading Suffering Well by Paul Grimmond.

I will admit that I read this book as a result of the title. Can we truly “suffer well”? Is there a predictable surprise in suffering? The author gives a solid & biblical approach to the purpose & result of suffering in the lives of believers. He writes in a manner that makes the reader feel that he is sitting across the table from you, encouraging you & spurring you on in life.

The author seeks to answer some important questions on suffering:

  • What sorts of values & ideals do we have about suffering?
  • What is our theology of suffering? (individually & personal to us)
  • And does it match up with what the Bible really has to say about suffering?

He encourages us to know Scripture so well that WHEN (not IF) the time comes that we experience suffering, we will be able to suffer well, enduring & bringing honor to God. He explains that Job suffered greatly. Yet even without getting the answers to his suffering, Job worships our God. Job admits his doubts, asks his questions, struggles with his friends, but through it all only sees & experiences more of God Himself.

The author points out that only in looking to Jesus will we endure & not turn away from our faith. It is through the Cross that we gain an eternal perspective that lets go of needing the immediate explanation.

Other points well covered are:

  • we are trained by our suffering
  • the challenge is to be godly
  • our character is shaped in & through our sufferings
  • hope is ignited
  • we learn to praise God & declare His goodness to others
  • we learn Who actually is in control

The author points the reader to knowing God & particularly to know His Word. He states:

Wrestle with God’s Word & allow it to control your thinking rather than controlling it with your thinking.

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This is a solid, well written & biblical book on suffering that will grow you in your trust in God – yes, even through suffering.
**I was blessed to receive my copy of Suffering Well from Cross Focused Reviews in exchange for this review.And so glad that I was!

If you would like to hear an with the author, Paul Grimmond, you can listen here.