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I am not a sports fan. I will freely & openly admit this so please do not get mad at what I am about to share. Not being a fan, I will still usually watch the Super Bowl as the commercials are entertaining or funny. So maybe I am upset about is because it came on the heels of a precious conversation I had with Sophia, 4 1/2 years old, last week driving her home from school.

Sophia called for me to look back at her. Upon looking, she was reaching across the middle seat to hold hands with Jocelyn, 5 months. I told her that Jocelyn must be so happy that she was holding her hand. She informed me that she was making believe they were married. Jocelyn was the boy, she was the girl. She continued that this is what married people do because they love each other.

Simple. Pure. Innocent.

Enter Super Bowl commercials. Are we serious? How tragic when a child has to be removed from the family room due to the graphic & rauchiness of commercials. Images that cannot be removed from a child’s mind are now there, permanently. Was it really necessary to have ads that showed people making out & sucking each other faces? Was it necessary to have women dressed scantily & do pole dances?

No longer were we able to sit & laugh at funny commercials with polar bears drinking soda or frogs on lily pads or horses running faster than cars. No, last night we had to remove an innocent & pure 4 1/2 year old girl from the family room & pray that she did not see or hear ads.

How very sad to me that not even a sporting event, the Super Bowl, can remain “family” entertainment. In writing this, I may be labeled “a prude”, but I truly do not think that I am. I may be labeled “old-fashioned”, but again do not think that I am. But no matter what I labeled, I am not going to chicken out on this one. I will hit “post”. I will wear the label. For this I am sure of….

We have a God who Himself is pure. He wants His people to be a pure people. For this to be, we must be diligent to guard what we see & hear & absorb into our minds, especially with our children.

Even if it is during the commercials.

** I dedicate this post to the little ones that I tended to & interacted with yesterday at church. To….

Holiday & Gabriel & Abby & Noah & Savannah & Phoebe & Micah & Juliana & Cameron.

May your innocence & purity & gentleness be protected always.