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little-black-bookI just finished reading Predestination by Scott Perry. This was my first introduction to a series called “Little Black Books”. The series is designed for teens.

Scott states in the introduction that he is “going to argue using Scripture.” He explains why:

Our reasoning has been damaged by sin, so it’s not perfect or even reliable.

page 6

The author tackles this difficult topic with humor & stories which are relevant to teens. The illustrations that he uses make this question easier for any teen to grapple with. Some of the questions he addresses are:

  • What does free will mean?
  • Does God influence the decisions we make?
  • Are some chosen?
  • What role does freedom play in the lives of the choices we make?

He closes this topic stating the importance of understanding predestination:

Understanding predestination should also help us trust in God’s goodness and power as we recognize that nothing can prevail against him, now thwart his perfect plans from coming to pass. And it should inspire us to pursue godliness. If we recognize that predestination is about God’s choices & our choices working together, we will not fall into the trap of sitting back to ”˜let go & let God’. We are in the Christian life together with God. We make genuine choices with genuine consequences. Understanding predestination rightly should motivate us to choose obedience over temptation & to choose perseverance over sin.

page 84

I recommend this book to clarify the topic of predestination for any teen. Other topics also in this series are: Sex, The Bible, Suffering & Evil, What’s Life All About?

***Cross Focused Reviews & Matthias Media provided this book in exchange for my review.