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Never thought I would be brave enough to tackle this one. But somehow today, I have found the courage.

I read an article this morning by which I learned that Victoria’s  Secret is going to be marketing lingerie for pre-teens. Seriously? Having raised a daughter, I know first hand the struggle it is to raise a young woman to be modest, moral, and to respect herself. I have now been thinking on this for hours mainly because of two new little faces in my life – the faces of my granddaughters, 5 years old & 9 months. I cringe at the thought of them ever clothing their bodies, before their time, in scantily clad underclothes or lingerie. They should be permitted to enter puberty with a beauty & an innocence. Why do we need to awaken young girls to their sexuality prematurely? Why can we not let them enjoy life & be little girls?

We as moms, as Mimi’s, as older women in the church, need to teach our girls to keep themselves pure, to dress modestly, to respect & protect their bodies. We need to teach them that there is a beauty to be found in waiting for marriage to be sexually active.

We need to open our eyes to the ways in which our children are being lured & their sexuality awakened. We do not need our daughters learning how to market themselves so they are able to attract boys in ways they should not. In so doing, we are also awakening young boys to their sexuality which at their young age, they have no idea what to do with. It angers me to think what is happening to our children.

As parents & adults may we take responsibility to guide our children. Today I felt to share the article which has appalled me & caused me to pray for my granddaughters & their purity. My hope is that it will do the same for you as you read it.

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