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Home –

I can well remember getting married & leaving home for the very first time. It seriously took me five years to make the adjustment. I missed my family, my church, my friends, my environment. The homesickness was incredible. I never would have expected it. The wound was reopened each & every time we went “home” for a visit too. I can remember when “home” changed & it was now a new place. Or was it just that my heart had stopped focusing on my old “home” & now embraced my new “home”?

I have come to realize that home truly is where my longings can be found. As the years have passed & I have grown in my relationship with God (still have far to go), I have found that I long for Him. Time with Him. And that has brought such a settled contentment to be at “home” where He has placed me here in this life. I am grateful for the husband, the family & the friends that He has placed in my life to go this journey with me. To think that this is only the beginning of a journey that will continue throughout all time is amazing.

For one day, I will truly be HOME.