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5-minute-friday-1Ordinary. The world shouts that at me. There is nothing different about you, or special. You are common. Plain. I look at my life & I am married, two children, a house, a van, a yard. What have I done that is different? And so I start to believe it. I am ordinary. But when I swallow that LIE, it grows & it begins to take the form of, “You are inferior.”  Somehow God in His mercy, shouts louder, “Don’t believe it.” He has made me. He has created me for a purpose that He chose for my life befoe He created anything else. He has spun everything in place just so I can live out His purposes for my life. All of a sudden ordinary takes on a whole other look. Suddenly, it begins to look like EXTRAORDINARY! Yes, that is what He has made me, made each of us.

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