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Sophia & I were looking out the window last week when she noticed that the robins had returned. We both felt excitement as we noted that this was surely a sign that spring was coming & would soon arrive.

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.” (Matthew 10:29 ESV).

Now this is amazing. Sparrows. Such a small bird. There are so many of them on any given day. Yet not one of them can fall to the ground without our God noticing. Jesus used the illustration of two sparrows because sparrows were a cheap marketplace item in that day. They were used as food by the poorest of people.

Nevertheless, God took note of every sparrow’s fall. Nothing is too insignificant for God to note, and His care extends to the minutest detail of our lives.

Matthew Commentary by H.A. Ironside, page 79

This one Scripture revealed two lies & two truths:

Lie 1: I am insignificant. There are days that I do feel insignificant. I bet that you experience days like that too.

Truth 1: We have significance. We do matter to God. We were created for a purpose. He loves us & cares for us. May we realize that if sparrows matter to Him, how much more do we then matter to Him!

Lie 2: God does not know or care about what is happening in our lives. How the enemy would love to get us to believe this one.

Truth 2: Nothing can happen apart from God. NOTHING. Go back & reread the above quote….even the minutest detail does not escape His eye. “Nothing” according to means “no part, share or trace”. Not even the smallest trace of an incident in our lives is missed by our God.

And so, with the coming of spring & the return of birds, may we remind ourselves that He sees all that is happening in our lives.

Nothing. Happens. Apart. From. Our. God.