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Today I am going to re-post a blog I wrote over a year ago. In light of the events that occurred yesterday at the Boston Marathon, I felt to share it once again.

Yesterday we saw a horrific act of violence happen to innocent, unsuspecting people. I watched the news in nauseating disbelief. I wondered, “Who does that to people?” Only an evil mind could even create such a scheme. An act of terrorism. That is what they are calling it. Terrorism seeks to strike fear in the hearts of people. It is nothing but an evil & cowardly act meant to forever change the lives of the masses. Terrorism wants that we live isolating ourselves in order to keep ourselves safe. It wants that we live forgoing the things we love & enjoy. Terrorism causes our minds to begin to live in the “what if’s”.

Today may we not let them succeed. May we keep our minds focused on God, Who was & Who is & Who will always be greater. Today may we remember to pray for those people & families that are suffering due to what occurred yesterday. May our God strengthen them & be with them & bring healing to their minds & bodies.

The post below was written over a year ago. Yet I felt compelled to share it this morning once again. May we be like Buzz Lightyear – living with a courage that always looks beyond. May we be like Buzz Lightyear – infusing those around us with strength & courage to overcome those things that would come against us in an attempt to bring defeat.

May we pray today – for strength, for courage, for safety.

Buzz, Beyond & Strength

About a year ago (can it really be that long ago already!!!!), Sophia learned of Toy Story & all the characters involved. We invented this game, “Rescue Mission”, by which we save her varied small figurines from a disaster.

Inevitably, when it is Buzz Lightyear’s turn to be rescued, I, being the voices of each of them, must shout Buzz’s slogan, “To infinity and……BEYOND!!!!!”

Playing with her this morning got me to thinking of what a great slogan that might be for me to live by. Seriously. You see, Buzz shouts that, confidently, knowing that whatever the situation which is presenting itself, he is able to conquer. Buzz knows that there is always hope. That he possesses some inner strength that will help him to resolve the issue, save his friends & make it all work out.

So in our lives, it might look like this…..

  • when discouraged…..”To infinity and….BEYOND!!!!”
  • when waiting for test results…..”To infinity and…..BEYOND!!!!”
  • looking for a job…..”To infinity and……BEYOND!!!!”
  • not knowing how bills will get paid……”To infinity and….BEYOND!!!!”
  • marriage driving you crazy……..”To infinity and….BEYOND!!!!”
  • difficult pregnancy…..”To infinity and…..BEYOND!!!!”
  • strained relationship…..”To infinity and….BEYOND!!!!”
  • too much to do, too little time & no energy…..”To infinity and….BEYOND!!!!”
  • challenges with a loved one….”To infinity and….BEYOND!!”

So much of life truly is “beyond” us – beyond our understanding, beyond our ability, beyond our desires. Yet life presents itself, unannounced, happening & needing to be tended to. It is at those very times that we find God to  be all that we need. He is our strength, our peace, the lifter of our heads. When life seems “beyond”,  may we remember:

“I lift up my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven & earth.”Â  (Psalm 121: 1, 2  NIV).

Thanks, Buzz, for reminding me where to focus today!

“To infinity and…..BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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