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Since last Monday so much has happened here in Boston. Like so many, I found myself checking the news & my home page for updates. Since the capture & hospitalization of the younger suspect, I have found myself still checking & wondering….

  • “Is he going to live?”
  • “Is he talking yet?”
  • “Are we any closer to answers?”

And there is the one question that I keep asking….”Why?”

Now I will be the very first to admit that I want to see justice occur. While I want it done legally & fairly, I also desire that the safety of our country be protected in the process as well. As I have contemplated all of this, I read the verse on my calendar this morning.


May we be mindful to absorb the news wisely. May we not group all people together & generalize about a race or a religion. May we not assume every person of a race or country are “all the same”. May we be faithful to pray – pray for souls. Pray for God to open the hearts of people. May we pray that God soften hearts & remove hatred. May we be people that love other people of all nationalities & religions. May we realize that Christ died for all.

May we desire justice. But may we not hate.

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