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It is a common & easy thing to measure your worth by your earthly possessions. Who of us has not been guilty of doing this very thing? You add up the value of your home, cars, & bank books (if you are fortunate to still have one in this economy). Or you display your degrees so you will be reminded that you made it. Perhaps you have awards that bestow on you the recognition & approval of others that signifies you are a person of worth. All this might work when figuring out the worth of our possessions but what about our worth as a person?

Here’s the thing that hit me today…..

My engagement ring or my cross (which I have seriously worn every day since my husband gave it to me) mean more to me than their dollar value. They have great worth to me. They could never be replaced should I lose them. For you see — their worth is determined by their significance TO ME.

I think so often in my life, and probably in many other lives, we have allowed ourselves to be duped into thinking we do not have worth. But each of us has great worth because of WHO & WHAT we house in our bodies. We need to come to a place where we understand our worth to our Maker. We must begin to assess our worth through His eyes & not through those around us. The TRUTH is that we have significance to the One Who created us & gave us life. The TRUTH is that we have worth because of the very One who has taken up residency inside of us.

Scripture tells us that our faith is of greater worth or value than gold (1 Peter 1:7). May we come to acknowledge that our worth, our significance comes from the One we believe in. And our names are, in fact, written in a Who’s Who that will matter for all eternity (Luke 10:20).

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