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Oh the things that bring us comfort….

  • our home
  • comfort food
  • comfort smells
  • a blanket
  • a person
  • a memory

I remember my granddaughter this week wanting her binkie. When only the binkie would bring that needed comfort. And she hummed as she finally got it in her mouth & she began to suck on it & receive the comfort she was sinking.

Comfort….that need to be soothed. To be reassured that somehow everything is going to be OK. To obtain that relief from what is troubling us. Comfort somehow wraps itself all around us & makes us know that, “This will pass.” Comfort brings a freedom, a release from the pain or anxiety we are experiencing.

Funny thing about the comfort we receive here in this world – it is temporary. We will find that we will need comfort yet again. And as I typed that last sentence, this is what I was reminded of:

“May your unfailing love by my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.” (Psalm 119:76)

Only the unfailing love of my God can bring me true comfort. And that comfort is a promise. And He is a God that keeps His promises. And so, He will bring me comfort – true, lasting comfort.

Some days, this is what comfort looks like šŸ™‚


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