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Dear Jocelyn –

You had your first birthday over the weekend, sweet girl. It is so hard to believe that an entire year has passed already. You have surely brought us much joy & laughter. There are a few things that I have noticed:

  1. You want to do things on your own. And in your own way 🙂 You even ate your cake the way you wanted!! This is not a bad thing. May you always rely on God to help you do that which you cannot do on your own. photo-43
  2. You are a most serious child or maybe it is just that you take life seriously. Either way – this is a good thing. May you always realize that life is precious. Never waste a day & think about all that you do. Most of all, may you always be serious about our God.  GetInline-7
  3. You have such a gentle spirit. “Let everyone see your gentleness.” (Philippians 4:5 NET) May your gentleness always bless the children you play with & the people around you. May you never become harsh or unkind.  GetInline-8
  4. You are different than Sophia. And I am so glad. May you always be yourself, baby girl. Sophia is who God designed her to be. And you are who you have been designed to be. You are each unique. And precious to Him & to us. You have been knit together by our God to be exactly who you are & no other.  photo-44
  5. You have discovered walking. You have also learned that if you bend over, you topple 🙂 So baby, may you always walk uprightly before our God knowing that each & every step you take has been ordered by Him. GetInline-6

So, I hope your first birthday was a fun one for you. Know that Mimi loves you deeply. But more so, may you know that our God loves you even more. May you come to know Him at a young age & live your life so that you are always a reflection of the very One that gave you life. Jocelyn, He is worth the knowing!

I love you,