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Dear Weary Mom,

It sure has been a week. Or is it even longer?

It started with what seemed like she just was not feeling well. Turned into strep. Surely the antibiotic would help. Right?


She broke out in hives from head to toe. Woke screaming from her skin being on fire & itching like crazy. And it went all downhill from there.

An entire week of:

  • lost school days
  • balancing work schedules to cover being home with sick children
  • work deadlines that crept up faster than one would believe

Things still are not back to 100%. We can throw in the teething of the other child & fussiness that at times, seems unending. And then you notice those spots in the back of your own throat & wonder, “Do I have strep too?”.

You ask the bigger question that looms in your thoughts…..

“Is there no end to all this?”

Let me assure you – there is.

They grow up. They will get healthy. They finish school. You will survive.

You ask me, “How do I know?”.

I know because the days of scarlet fever, mono, chicken pox (yes!! you each had it 2X because doing it only once would never suffice in our house!!!), rubbing painful feet, back to back ear infections, poison ivy from head to toe that would keep us talking for YEARS(!!!) have all passed. The very days that I thought would never pass & that I would never get through, I managed to get through.

If I did, so will you.

His strength carries us when our own strength bails on us.

We learn that all we ever needed was to depend on His strength to begin with.

And we learn, most importantly…

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

(Philippians 4:13 (NASB).

Hang in there. These days will pass.

I Love You,

Been There


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