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5-minute-friday-1{Five Minute Friday…. here is how it works. One prompt. Five minutes. Write unedited. Link up with others. Sheer joy & fun too!}


It has been defined as…. “having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc’ delighting the senses of mind.” (from

Over the last few weeks, I have viewed beauty for sure…

  • double rainbows
  • fluffy clouds
  • my two granddaughters dressed in sheer loveliness
  • the ocean
  • the cleanly shaved cheeks of my husband
  • a wedding
  • amazing flowers

Each of the above have delighted me deeply. They forever impacted me. Also beautiful….

My newly cleaned wood floors, gleaming & smelling beautiful. Cherry Garcia ice cream (who knew just how beautiful that little container could be!!!). Bubbles blown by Sophia, floating up to the sky in an array of colors. Sophia & Jocelyn in matching bathing suits. The green trees. The first flowers on one of my tomato plants. A photo of a fishing village.

Each one of these things, beautiful, in their own right.

And as I thought of the beauty that surrounds me everyday, my heart was filled as I realized that my life is filled with beautiful things because of the Beautiful One that is present in my life.

I remembered the woman, emptying the expensive alabaster jar of perfume on the feet of Jesus. How the disciples became upset. Yet Jesus replied to them….”Why are you complaining & bothering this woman? What she has done for me is a beautiful thing!” (my loose translation of the story found in Matthew 26). Adoration of Jesus is most beautiful.

There is the old saying, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” I want to behold Him, The Beautiful One. This morning I am reminded of this song, Beautiful One by Jeremy Camp….


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