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For years now, we have vacationed at Lake Winnepausaukee, New Hampshire. We started the very first summer after Tim was born. It is our “go to” place. Full of memories. Full of laughs. Full of traditions. Our children loved doing many of the same things each year. The stop for breakfast at the Tilton Diner on the way up. Lunch at Bobby’s Girl Diner. Getting ice cream at FrankenSundae’s. Going for fried dough at Weir’s Beach. Funspot.ƂĀ  Mini golf at Pirate’s Cove.

While the list is long & has changed over the years a bit, one thing remained constant.


photo-53Yes, two twenty five cent bouncy balls that I would get out of the gumball machines. Each year, I would get the kids one each on the way up from the same diner in Tilton. They would decide who got which one (OK, argue over it at times!) & the little balls would keep them busy for a long time. Not only in the car but then at the cottage as they bounced it off the walls & let it ricochet all over.

Last week was vacation. Dan & I stopped at the same diner alone this time. No kids in tow. They were leaving a little later on in the day. We sat remembering the years & the laughs we had in the very place we were eating.

The above picture???? Not taken when my kids were young.

No, it was taken last week as we left the diner. I texted my kids the picture with no words. The picture said it all. Within seconds, they each responded they wanted the grey one & the arguing began. The only difference….they were now 32 & 25 years old!!

And at least the arguing was not in our back seat šŸ™‚

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