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Every once in a while I truly shock myself. Today is one of those times. I just have not been able to stop thinking about this one. So I think I will share what is on my mind.

Last night, after the house emptied out, we settled on the couch to relax & watch TV. Pretty normal scene – him with the remote in hand, flipping between sports & Guy Fieri. The man just cannot get enough of Diners, Drive-ins & Dives! Seriously! Somehow in his flipping, we ended up on it. And we were stuck. For a few minutes, time was suspended.

Yeah we were watching the MTV awards.

And we could not believe our eyes.

Lady Gaga should have done us in. But no, we hung around for a few more minutes & saw with our own eyes the very act that would trend on twitter & be all over the internet this morning.

Miley Cyrus.

If you google for her performance, I would highly suggest making sure you there are no kids around. It was that bad.

I sat & wondered how a young woman, who was so cute as a kid & had such a promising future could deviate as much as she had. When she performed with Robin Thicke, we were no longer able to even watch it & switched back to the safety of Little League Baseball.

All I could feel was sadness.

Sadness for the choices Miley has made. Sadness for our kids today who face unprecedented peer pressure. Sadness that there is no longer a standard of any sort on television. Sadness that our kids have poor role models. Sadness that a young girl has lost her way in life & is so out of control. Sadness for the young woman whose performance screamed that she was hurting & empty & broken.

I found myself wondering if I was just getting old or out of touch or perhaps just a prude. Then I saw this picture included in a tweet this morning & knew it was not solely me…

Lord, help us. Help us to teach our children what is pure & right & lovely. Help us to be living examples that they can emulate. Help us to keep our eyes & ears attuned to our children to speak to them if they begin to stray.

But mostly, Lord, make us strong parents who desire to be the parents our children and grandchildren will need in the days to come.

And Lord, remind Miley of Who You are & how to find her way back to You.

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (Luke 19:10 NIV).

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