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We all have one. I love to hear one. There is something about a story that touches deep within my soul. Perhaps that is why I so love to read this Book. There is a story of every sort in there — murder, warfare, family dysfunction, parental advice, parental favoritism, adultery, bankruptcy, mystery, deception. It is all in that one Book.

I am grateful that their story has been told for all of us to read & know for all times. Their stories remind me that there truly is a larger story being told.

And this morning, I realized that the larger story is yet being told. The story is not yet completed.

Your story matters. And so does mine. We need to tell our stories for they point to the love that is still being offered. Our stories demonstrate the grace & forgiveness & mercy of our God that is still ongoing. Our stories give hope in this otherwise hopeless world. It is in our story that we find strength to go on knowing that He is a God that never changes. Each story reminds us that we are frail. We are broken.

Each story speaks this truth to us ——  It is through our cracks that the Light shines.

My story matters. And so does yours. As it reminds me of how important we each are to our God.

Each story tells me that I am loved – greatly & deeply.

And so are you.

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