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ImageProxySo Weary Mom –

In thinking about you & knowing a blog needed to be written, I questioned what to write. In myself, I had nothing to offer today. And then I read these words in my book:

But praise God – as far as  we fall, we will never fall further than the reach of our Savior.

(from Kasey Van Norman in her book, Named By God, page 99)

And that is when it hits me….we all fall short in our parenting.

All. Of. Us.

As in….

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

That is the problem with Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest. We can put out an image, any image. By choice, we put out the perfect image. The one that makes us look good. Look better. We can hide our imperfections, our weaknesses, our habits. No one needs to know about those.

We do not tend to talk about, or admit to, our mistakes. In so doing, we are creating a false sense of perfection. We are setting ourselves up for isolation. How can we admit our mistakes in a world where no one does that? How can we risk being vulnerable when we think we are the only ones even making the mistakes?

And so we run. We hide. We cover. And nothing changes. We do not get any help. We won’t even admit that we need help.

But I am here to tell you this one truth: WE ARE ALL FLAWED.

Yes, all of us. If we were not flawed, we would not need a Savior. That brings me back to the quote. There is no mistake that is out of the reach of our Savior. He knew we needed community. A safe place to admit the mistakes. If we are called to love one another & come along side of each other, should we not be able to admit we have taken a fall?

I am grateful that you thought me safe that day. That we talked about what works & does not work with disciplining our children. How else could I have known to tell you about the book? How I wish it had been available when I was raising my own two.

Weary Mom, thank you for calling & letting me know that the suggestions from the book seem to be working. Thank you for sharing that it is making a difference in the life of your child. Know that you will not find judgment here. Or condemnation. I would be the last to point a finger as I have surely made my share of mistakes as well. Instead may we find safety & a love for each which says, “We are in this together.” For in that conversation, you discovered a resource & I found that I still had purpose.

Happy Thursday!

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