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photo-69“We are going to get two birds. Finches to be exact,” they shared.

Interesting. I had known a woman who had a parrot and that bird talked a lot. A. Lot. As a matter of fact, I cannot even tell you what the poor bird learned to say because it would look like this,  “^*()&%$+$#@”.  Yeah, that bird needed a good mouth washing! I kid you not.

But they want finches. They will only peep now and then.

A few days later, quite by accident, I read this about songbirds and how they learn to sing …..

This particular bird cannot learn to sing in the daylight because it is always concerned with the chatter around it. Instead, its cage must be covered so that it is in complete darkness. Then, it is able to hear its master and will learn to sing.

(taken from Mended by Angie Smith, page 112)

Don’t let the preciousness of that paragraph pass you. Think about it.

I wondered, “Can the same be true of me?” About all of us?

Let’s face it, there can be so many distractions around us. All one would need to do is sit and listen to the sounds of my computer for a bit as it signals me:

  • a new email has come in
  • a tweet
  • a facebook comment
  • a roll in Dice With Friends (yatzee not gambling folks)
  • a word played in Words With Friends
  • a wordpress comment

To those sounds, I can throw in the house phone ringing, my cell phone buzzing. You get the picture. Countless distractions.

And yet He bids me, “Come”.

Perhaps it is in the difficult times, the times that bring pain, that I need to throw the cover over my cage, block out all of the distractions and hear my Master.

Because you are my helper; I sing for joy in the shadow of your wings. (Psalm 63:7, NLT)

See what I mean – under the cover, I learn to sing. Or perhaps more accurately, under the cover, I hear my Master.

And it is in that place of hearing Him, and  Him alone, that He teaches me to sing.

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