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My heart is full this morning.

I am a woman who desperately needs God. I need Him in my life every day. The desire of my heart has been and IS to see Him in my life each day. I want to know that I am where He wants me to be. That I am doing what He would have me to do.

And so I question constantly. Perhaps it is not a questioning as much as it is a seeking. Even in joining into a small group, I seek for Him to tell me, to show me the “right” group. For my desire is to not miss what He would have for me.

And that is the beginning of my story…..

Desperate for more of Him in my life, a few weeks ago I took the plunge and joined into a small group online.

“Lord, how do I know it is Your leading?”

“How do I know this is where You would have me to be?

Yet each morning, I join them – to study His Word, share our thoughts, our needs and to pray for this small group of women that I have never seen, met or even heard their names before.

I am blessed before the activities of my day even begin. But then I wonder – how can I not when God’s Word is being broken open and shared amongst this little band of women who share with such transparency. Each morning I am awed by the way God is knitting our hearts together a little bit more and a little bit more.

The blessing of knowing I am remembered in prayer by women who know relatively little about me other than I show up each morning and am equally as desperate for God as they.

And then yesterday happens……

God lets me know that I am where I am to be. He lifts the veil to show me how He has been in it even when I was not aware of His activity. And He blows me away with His display……

On Facebook, I read a posting by my daughter about scrapbooking. She loves to do it and has been doing it for years now. No big deal there. Yet.

I little later in the day, again on Facebook, I see the same posting but by someone different. Curious, I click to read and discover that it is being posted by a newly made friend in my online Bible Study group.

Mmmmm, funny.

When Lisa comes that day, I tell her that someone else I “know” also does scrapbooking with the same kits as she. Now in curiosity she asks, “Who?”

I share the name.

She immediately recognizes the name as they both work on the same team for the kit designer.

Jaws drop. We share information. I connect my daughter and my new friend.

We do the happy dance.

We are amazed.

How many people are in the world today? How many women scrapbook? How many women join a small group online? And yet God, my God, displayed Himself by joining His people, MY PEOPLE, in a way to astound.

He joined a stay at home mom, a Wycliffe Bible translator, and a scrapbooking momma together. He knit us together before any of us even knew we were connected. He brings His people together because He loves us. He wants us together because He we are adopted and He desires for His children to be family.

He reminds me:

From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; AND he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. (Acts 17: 26, NIV)

And it is then that He gently whispers….

“You are right where I would have you to be!”

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